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26.10.2010 9:18

The first notification about the Prison Znojmo is dated on 19thJanuary 1853, when a Regional Court was established by a Ministerial Decree. Originally the prison was located in the building of the former Franciscan monastery, which is nowadays a part of the South Moravia Museum. However, the history of penology in the Znojmo Region goes back to the 13th and 14th centuries. Znojmo prisons as well as methods of punishment have been described in preserved records. Based on the documents assembler by the district archivist, the history of penology in the Znojmo Region in the years 1598 – 1604 has been handled in a precise way. After the Second World War, for many years the premises of the Prison Znojmo were used for purposes other than originally applied.
The modern history of the prison started in 1991, when the reopening of the prison was decided. The preparatory work started in the second half of 1994, the reconstruction of the premises was finished in November 1996. In February 1997 the Prison Znojmo started its operation as a branch of the Remand Prison Brno, as of 1stJanuary 1998 as a separate remand prison, and in May 2002 it became a prison enforcing the imprisonment. The Prison Znojmo has been profiled for convicts serving the sentence in units under supervision. A remand unit and a specialised unit for the imprisonment combined with protective anti-drug medical treatment have also been established. The accommodation capacity of the prison is 176 places, of which 164 are designed for imprisonment and 12 for remand.
One of the main aims of the prison personnel is to obtain the convicts into the working process. The convicts work either with external entities – mostly agriculture and food industry enterprises, or internally within the prison operation – in the kitchen, cleaning, working in the locksmith and woodworking shops, laundry, storage. The working
activities all have been conceived and based on the efforts aiming to create and strengthen lasting working habits of convicts, and to obtain the responsibility of working duties.
Leisure activities of convicts in the prison follow the aim to allow activities for individuals and also free time activities performed in groups. These activities include activities in sports and in culture. Other activities are for example educational activities, e.g. foreign language courses, lectures, the prison also organises requalification cookery course for convicts. Important is also the work done by specialists at a specialised unit for treatment of male drug addicts. The Prison Znojmo has over 140 employees, of whom 90 are members of the Prison Service and of the Judicial Guard, the rest is civilian staff. In the framework of the care for employees, various sporting, culture, and learning activities are offered with the contribution from the Fund for Cultural and Social Needs.


The contemporary painting – View of the prison from Dyjská Street
The Prison – Detail of the main building
The building of the prison, court and a part security area
The detail  - Playground used for inmates sport activities
View of area used for visitors, at the front – view of greenhouses for TOXI Department
Aerial view of the prison
Aerial view of the town Znojmo
The view on town Znojmo from prison
Prison Znojmo - on the right the historic walls.
Prison Znojmo
Prison Znojmo in the Natural park Podyjí
Prison´s window