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Všehrdy Prison

Všehrdy Prison

2.12.2010 10:55

Všehrdy Prison is located in the northwest part of the Czech Republic in the Ústí nad Labem Region, about 6 km from the town of Chomutov, in the direction of Prague. The construction started in 1958 and first female convicts were placed there in 1960. After the amnesty enouncement in 1989, the facility was reorganized to serve the imprisonment for male convicts. At present juvenile male convicts, as well as male convicts are serving their term in the minimum and medium security categories.

Also there is a specialized unit for convicts with personality and behavior disorders caused by psychotropic substances abuse.

The accommodation capacity is nearly 600 places. Out of these 200 places are for juveniles. The convicts are accommodated in 7 building.

The convicts are employed within the prison or by private entities. Two employers rented production spaces directly in the prison territory and they are dealing with food products and drugstore goods wrapping, and wood processing. At the other outdoor workplaces do convicts mostly non-qualified work, such as bricklaying, recycling of plastic packaging or catching and processing of poultry. During seasonal work they assist with hops planting and strawberries and potatoes collecting.

Within treatment programs, the convicts under the supervision of professional staff, prepare various culture performances. In cooperation with the vocational centre, which is a part of the prison, they rehearse even theatre performances. The treatment programs also include so called self-service program within which the convicts acquire skills in cooking, washing and other skills necessary for life.

An integral part of fulfilling the purpose of imprisonment especially among juveniles is education, which is offered through the vocational school established after 1990.
After the reconstruction of the former production hall in 2005, some training fields were added to the educational programme. The new school with the capacity of 150 students was established. At present, convicts take courses in two-year apprenticeship (building production, florist and greengrocer work, catering, machinery production, wood processing, electrical production, decorator, painter). In parallel to these, apprenticeship programs are held accredited courses. Non - accredited courses are available, too (production of switchboards, painting and decoration, work with PC).

Basic health care is offered to convicts at the prison medical centre, which part is also a bed section. A dentist comes to the prison once a week.

There are new security elements in the prison e.g., blade fence or X-ray screening device at the entrance into the prison. The attention has also been given to the improvement of the prison appearance. In this connection the children´s corner was renovated and also the visit hall and the courtroom, where public proceedings on paroling prisoners take place every week. Learners of the vocational centre participated largely in the above actions especially by making wooden toys for the children´s corner.

Všehrdy Prison organizes for its employees a number of sporting and cultural events co-financed by the Fund for Cultural and Social Needs. 


Všehrdy Prison

Všehrdy Prison
Dormitories in the Všehrdy Prison
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