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Vinařice Prison

Vinařice Prison

22.11.2014 14:29

Vězeňská služba ČR
Věznice Vinařice
Vinařice č.p. 245
273 07 Vinařice
Czech Republic

Tel.: (+420) 312 291 511
Fax: (+420) 312 291 513
E mail: veznice.vinarice(at)

Vinařice Prison is located in the cadastral land of the village of Vinařice in the vicinity of the town of Kladno, in the direction towards the town of Slaný. In the years 1945 – 1947 the prison served as a prisoners-of-war camp, and from 1949 to 1955 it was used as a forced-labour camp. The history of Vinařice Prison as such started in 1955 when the establishment of a prison at Vinařice was decided upon by a confi dential order No. 189/1955 of the Ministry of Interior.
In the seventies, extensive reconstruction intended for the modernisation and enhancement of the capacity was carried out in the prison. Up to 2000 prisoners were placed therein, of whom a great majority worked in the nearby mines and in heavy industry in the Kladno District. Since the nineties, the prison went through other architecture and profi lation alterations. A new building for 400 convicts, now a dominant of the prison compound, was opened in 1993. It was designed for male convicts placed into a secure, i.e., guarded, prison. In the course of the time, while the profi lation of the prison was changing, detainees as well as convicts serving their terms under supervision were also placed therein.
At present, the prison is profi led for convicts in guarded units, while parts of the prison are, respectively, an imprisonment unit under supervision, a specialised unit for mentally retarded convicts in the guarded unit, and further also several units with special methods of treatment of convicts, such as a drug-free-zone unit, leaving unit, and crisis unit. The regular accommodation capacity in total is for 900 convicts placed in 24 sections containing the total of 163 dormitories. On the average, there are 6 convicts per a single dormitory.
Employment of the convicts is one of the important aims. Following the decline in coal mining and heavy industry production in the region, the prison has to search continuously for new possibilities of work for convicts. At present, a part of them works at non-guarded workplaces out of the prison, e.g., in factories, at construction sites, etc. Another part of convicts works in internal operation and in technical maintenance of the prison.
In the framework of treatment programmes, the prison offers a whole number of education, leisure and sporting activities for convicts. The convicts also take part in special formative activities including individual and group pedagogical and psychological treatment led by specialists employed in the imprisonment unit. Available is also a prison library. Religious and intellectual activities in the prison are offered through the prison chaplain and through other representatives of churches and organisations working within the prison.
In the whole, the prison has 365 employees, of whom 223 are members of the Prison Guard and 142 are civilian employees. In its operation, the prison co-operates with other state as well as non-state organisations. In their lectures at schools or in the framework of excursions by students in the prison, the prison’s staff participate in the projects of primary and secondary prevention of criminality. Signifi cant is the co-operation with the public and with media. Some products made within spare-time activities with convicts have various charitable uses.

View of the prison Vinařice
Prison facilities
View of the prison from the highest building
Security cirridor around the prison
Prison guard tower
View from the prison guard tower
Prisoners' accommodation units
The main entrance to the prison
Workers going to work
Prisoners' workplase
Prisoners' workplase
Facilities for free time activities (therapy, group-working)
Time to think
Watching sunrise through the prison window
View through the prison bars