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Prison Světlá nad Sázavou

Prison Světlá nad Sázavou

26.10.2010 6:50


The prison is located in the picturesque countryside of the Czech-Moravian Highlands, in the north-western part of the town of Světlá nad Sázavou. The site of the prison buildings originally served as an open-air school. The whole complex was given over to the Prison Service of the Czech Republic at the beginning of 2000. The aim was to build a modern penal facility for convicted females. Still in 2000, several buildings underwent partial reconstruction and, on 6 November 2000, the first females sentenced to imprisonment in a controlled, i.e., supervised, prison were housed therein. Also, women sentence to a secure, i.e., guarded, prison were gradually placed there. The whole reconstruction process was completed in the first half of 2004, increasing the prison’s original accommodation capacity from 200 to 520 places. There are now 134 dormitories available, the largest of which have five beds. Single bedrooms are only available in the specialised unit for the imprisonment of women with young children.

Světlá nad Sázavou Prison is categorised as a secure, i.e., guarded, prison, and incorporates a guarded unit, a controlled, i.e., supervised, unit, and a unit for the imprisonment of specific types of inmates requiring a specialised approach, e.g., a juvenile unit, supervised, controlled, and guarded units for mothers with young children, controlled and guarded units for women permanently unfit for work, and controlled and guarded units for the imprisonment of women suffering from mental and behavioural disorders. Since the middle of 2004, there has also been a special remand unit in place for mothers of children aged up to one year.

Female inmates are employed in the prison’s internal operations, e.g., in the prison kitchen, in storage, and in clearing and maintenance work. Others work for two private entities, one of which having a workplace directly within the prison premises. The employment rate of female inmates depends on the number of orders placed for, or by, those private companies. Other inmates attend educational or therapeutic programmes. There has been a training and education centre in operation in the prison since the school year 2001/2002, offering inmates schooling in the form of general educational as well as practical courses. There is great interest, above all, in computer and language courses. The prison cooperates with one of the local secondary schools to offer supplementary courses fi nished with schoolleaving („maturity“) certifi cate for inmates with certifi cates of apprenticeship. The future aim is to provide the prison’s own professional training for inmates in selected subjects, completed by a fi nal exam. Activities allowing inmates to apply their own skills and capabilities have an important place in the treatment programme. The offer involves, for example, a choral group, an aerobics group, a handicraft group, and a gardening group. Inmates get positive and valuable feedback from their efforts through organised public appearances and performance in the neighbourhoods and through the practical use of thein products such as children’s dresses or suits and toys in childrens’ homes. Group therapy work with drug addicts is carried out within a special formative activity programme led by psychologists and special pedagogues.


Inmate dormitory – high security
Inmate dormitory – medium security
Special unit for women with young children – playground
Special unit for women with babies – playroom
Special unit for women with babies – dormitory
Operating center
guiding corridor
Prison Světlá nad Sázavou - main gate
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external guards – trouble unit
prison in winter
prison in winter
prison in winter