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27.10.2010 10:19


The Prison Rapotice is located 30km far away from the town Brno. The premises of the prison are situated in the woods of a total land area of nearly 100 hectares and extend to the area of municipalities Rapotice, Lesní Jakubalov a Újezd u Rosic.
The Ministry of Justice took over the premises of a value of 563 million CZK from the Ministry of Defence in September 2005. During years 1989-2003 the whole facility served as a base of rocket military group of the Army of the Czech Republic. The facility Rapotice became a part of the Remand Prison Brno on 15th September 2005. Based on the Regulation of the Minister of Justice CR No.1/2009 the facility Rapotice became an autonomous prison.
The first twenty inmates were escorted to the prison on the 4th September 2006. The prison profilation is classified as for male convicts with supervision and surveillance. The current prison capacity is 460 inmates.

The administration building
Accommodation of convicts (outside)
The administration building
Accommodation of convicts – Department with supervision (inside)
The boundary of the prison premises
Aerial view of the prison
Visitors room – Children´s Corner