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Příbram prison

The prison is located in the southern part of the Central Bohemia Region and is a secure, i.e., guarded, prison. It includes supervised and controlled units, a specialised unit for prisoners with personality disorders caused by the use of psychotropic substances, and a unit for men sentenced to imprisonment in guarded prison. The standardised accommodation capacity of the prison is 800 places.
The prison’s history dates from the year 1953, when a penal labour camp was established on the current site of the prison. It had an accommodation capacity of up to 1500 persons, with most inmates working on deep mining in the nearby uranium mines. Prisoner accommodation blocks are of the pre-fab panel as well as brick-wall structure type. These buildings contain units of varying capacity with their own bathrooms and culture rooms. There are separate dormitories for inmates sentenced to imprisonment in controlled and supervised prisons. The accommodation system is of the so-called open type, i.e., prisoners are not locked up in their rooms. One building contains cell-type accommodation, which serves as a disciplinary section and as accommodation for inmates who have trouble adapting to a large collective. Inmates are employed by a private woodworking company, but also within the prison’s own economic activity centre, which offers employment primarily in paper-making or stationery, and in the fi nishing of plastic components. Inmates can also work internally for the prison, which offers a range of opportunities in the kitchen, laundry, maintenance, clothing storage, boiler-room, garage, etc.
Educational activities are oriented towards the teaching of foreign languages and the broadening of knowledge in the fields of nature and social sciences. Prisoners are given, by the prison, the opportunity to take the “Basic Restaurant Service” requalifi cation course. Since 2005, inmates have had the opportunity to requalify in basic computer skills. Essential means of prisoner treatment include: managing stressful situations, psychotherapy, psycho-social training, a communication course, music therapy, art therapy, relaxation, physiotherapy and gestural therapy. Nor can we omit the counselling work carried out through the drugs prevention and the socio-legal counselling centre. Activities of interest concentrate above all on creation of habits how to purposefully spent leisure time. Foreign inmates are assigned to a special treatment programme consisting of a compulsory and an optional component. The compulsory component includes working, educational and special formative activities, which are primarily aimed at the overcoming of barriers in the process of their smooth adaptation to the conditions of a Czech prison environment. The optional component enables them to choose from the prison-wide selection of activities. Persons between the ages of 18 - 30 are assigned to a special treatment programme for that age group, realised in young-adult units.
Counselling activity has been enriched through systematic and ongoing work with drug addicts, and through drug prevention. To this end, special rooms have been equipped for group and individual psychotherapeutic approaches, ergotherapy, relaxation, and communication.
Since the year 2002, there has been a specialised guarded prison unit for prisoners with behaviour disorders resulting from the use of narcotic and psychotropic substances.
The prison employs almost 160 members of the Prison Service and of the Judicial Guard, and over 120 civilian employees. The prison offers to its employees a whole range of cultural and sporting events, the vast majority of which are at least partly covered by the appropriate funds.

Standardní ubytovna
Standard hostel 
Jídelna pro odsouzené
Dining room for prisoners 
Vycházkový prostor
Walking area 
Krizové centrum
Crisis center 
Ubytovna pro dohled
Hostel for the mildest punishment 
Celkový pohled na věznici
Overall view of the prison