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Plzeň Prison

Plzeň Prison

26.6.2014 10:00

As early as 1870, the Municipal Council in Plzeň conducted negotiations with the representatives of the Imperial and Royal Ministry of Justice for the sale of land with the intention of building a new prison. The very construction commenced four years later, in 1874, and the official occupancy approbation was accorded in 1878. Political prisoners were placed into Plzeň Prison since the end of the end of the 19th century. Today, it is profiled as a prison with guarded units, units with enhanced guarded zones, supervised units, and with a unit specialised for imprisonment of inmates with personality and behaviour disorders caused by uses of psychotropic substances. Plzeň Prison effectuates the remand of males, females, and juveniles through standard regimen – in the form of classic cell detention and moderated regimen. The accommodation capacity of Plzeň Prison is 1152 places, of which 206 are designed for remand, 946 for imprisonment. The unit for employment of prisoners organises work for persons serving their imprisonment terms. The convicts work in the Framework of the prison´s internal operation duties, or with external enterprising entities. The latter have their workplaces within the area of Plzeň Prison. Since1983, a vocational training has been working in Plzeň Prison, which carries out instruction both of convicts and detainees by way of various educational programmes, such as, e.g., requalification coursed for electrician workers, locksmiths, courses in computer technology, and in various additional educational activities. The piloting work is the instruction in an apprenticeship field. The inmates finishing the courses successfully receive civilian certificates of apprenticeship. Since 2007, instruction has been under course in a new three-year apprenticeship term for fitters and locksmiths. Persons who finish successfully the above course can continue their studies at a higher-level school. Special educational activities have been prepared for drug addicts. There are applied methods of community sessions, working therapy. A team of specialists has been set up for work with detainees aged from 15 to 26 years.
The working programme is directed to special formative, educational and cultural activities and hobbies. A great part of convicts and detainees have joined special educational activities. The running of the prison is ensured by a total of 502 employees, of whom 335 are members of the Prison Service including 66 members of the Judicial Gard in chargé of guarding the State Prosecutor Offices, Regional, District, and Municipal Courts. The prison has 167 civilian employees. Our employees use in ample numbers the recreation facilities of the Czech Prison Service to renew their energies. The Fund for Cultural and Social Needs contributes to covering the expenses for excursions at home and in abroad, every year subscribed tickets are provided for theatre performances, ice-hockey matches, swimming pool, squash, bowling, or fitness centre. Various cultural events are arranged. The Prison Service organises summer as well as winter recreation stays for the employees’ children. Further, our sport friendly employees can take part in various sporting competitions and tournaments organised by the Prison Service or by Plzeň Prison.

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