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Ostrov Prison

Ostrov Prison

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Ostrov Prison is located in the foothills of the Krušne Hory Mountains, between the spa towns of Karlovy Vary and Jachymov.It is profi led as a unit for male prisoners sentenced to controlled, i.e., supervised, imprisonment. Currently, the prison is divided into three separate sections. The fi rst serves primarily as a unit for the serving of terms of imprisonment, in the second there are internal workplaces, entering and leaving units, and a special remand unit. In the third section, there is located a specialised unit for prisoners with personality and behavioural disorders caused by the long-term use of psychotropic substances, and a drug-free zone. The accommodation capacity of the prison is 928 places, of which 83 places are designed for detainees and 845 for inmates serving terms of imprisonment.
The convicts are employed at internal workplaces to secure the running of the prison, in the centre for conomic activity where they carry out less-skilled working activities on a contract basis for civilian fi rms, and in the prison’s joinery workshop where they mostly make offi ce furniture for the use by the Prison Service. The prison also offers other production spaces to civilian enterprise and business entities.
The education of prisoners, organised by the prison through its own specialists, mainly consists in teaching foreign languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German), assisted even by inmates having a very good knowledge of the given language. A Czech language course is being organised for foreign inmates. Imprisonment unit specialists organise special educational activities, mainly for persons serving fi rst term of imprisonment. Such activities include art therapy, preparation for family life, psychosocial counselling, relaxation exercises, self-identifi cation and self-control techniques, socio-legal counselling, or developing sound lifestyle.
Leisure activities are also available to inmates as part of their treatment programme, having a choice of 18 clubs and groups. Greatest interest is shown in sports-oriented groups, e.g., body-building, table tennis, netball, great interest is also shown in chess, nature study, and fi lm art groups and clubs. Inmates in the handicrafts group make dolls for charity organisation
The prison runs requalifi cation courses in painting and decorating and in PC skills as part of the Šance 2 (“Second Chance”) project. It is focused on the problems of social integration and equal opportunities faced by the group of inmates with low or even no skills or qualifi cation, before they are released from imprisonment.
Inmates in the specialised unit for prisoners with personality disorders caused by a long-term use of psychotropic substances mainly suffer from various health and mental problems caused by drugs, as well as inmates with no apparent health problems, but who already have used drugs. However, the prison staff succeed in developing a number of purposeful activities with the inmates such as above. Despite work assignment problems, the prison manages to engage inmates, as part of the so-called work therapy, in various activities, oriented mainly towards casual volunteer work for the advantage of the prison.
The special remand unit runs, for the detainees, programmes similar to the activities organised for convicted prisoners, with special attention being given by specialists to the work with juvenile and young-adult detainees.
The total number of employees in Ostrov Prison is 442, of whom 264 are members of the Prison Service, 170 are civilian employees, and 8 are members of the Judicial Guard. The Fund for Cultural and Social Needs helps provide loans to the employees for the purchases of fl ats or the furnishing of households. Also, tickets are purchased for sporting and cultural events, and excursions are arranged both at home and in abroad. Those interested in pursuing sporting activities can join ice-hockey, football, netball, and volleyball clubs. Attention is given to the possibilities of further studies as well as to lifelong education in the form of courses and lectures. The prison’s representatives participate regularly in events within the region as well as in the framework of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic. Available to employees is also the own facility for family recreation in Novy Fojtov, used in the framework of the Prison Service nationwide.

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