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Prison Service of the Czech Republic
Prison Oracov

Oráčov Prison is located in the Central Bohemia Region, not far from the former royal town of Rakovník. It is profi led as a guarded prison, has also a supervised unit, and has been designed for male convicts serving their terms of imprisonment. Also, a specialised unit with a drug-free zone is available for young-adult inmates, who are in prison for the fi rst time and serve their terms in a guarded regimen, where formative activities are overseen by a stable team of tutors and specialists. The prison has a standard accommodation capacity of 487 places.

The prison offers employment opportunities for inmates on the one hand internally, and, on the other, through contracts with other entities. A certain number of prisoners work in services necessary for the running of the prison. There are two relatively steady workplaces available within the prison, where inmates make semi-fi nished products or prepare sets of publicity material. Externally, prisoners are employed by fi rms carrying out building and over-ground work, as well as road repair and maintenance, and in agricultural work. Working activities are intended primarily to create and consolidate working habits and improve manual skills. Work therapy primarily involves the production of toys and trinkets, which are given to children at various events outside the prison. Schooling activities are primarily aimed at acquiring and expanding the inmates´education in a variety of fi elds, e.g., history, natural science, biology, geography, informatics, as well as at the widening of the scope of general knowledge, e.g., in the groups dealing with road traffi c, world landmarks, information technologies, basics of social law, or in foreign language courses. Since the beginning of 2004, the prison has been running a long-term “Inmates of Oráčov Prison Discover the Rakovník Region” project. Special formative activities include, in particular, working and sporting therapies and art therapies.

The prison organises, in co-operation with Rakovník Labour Offi ce, requalifi cation courses for prisoners in operating high lift trucks, bush cutters, power mowers and saws. In their free time, prisoners may use the prison library, watch television or fi lms from the video centre. Amongst other things, the inmates have, for some time now, also been issuing their own magazine, “Oráčovský hlas” (“The Voice of Oráčov”). The prison co-operates with church representatives and with various nongovernmental organisations.

The prison has almost 200 employees, of whom more than a half are members of the Prison Service. The prison offers a “Lifelong-Learning Programme” to its employees. Excursions are organised and permanent tickets to fi tness centres and swimming pools are provided in co-operation with the Fund of Social and Cultural Needs. Great interest is shown in attending musical and theatre performances. The good name of the prison on the sports fi eld is represented by its football and ice hockey teams, and tournaments in netball, volleyball and indoor football – „futsal“ - are also well-attended.


The main entrance
An accommodation for inmates
An outer fence
Forbidden zone
A view from the plane on the prison
The entryway to the production zone