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The Prison and Preventative Detention Facility Opava

The Prison and Preventative Detention Facility Opava

18.11.2010 7:37

Prison Service of the Czech Republic
Věznice a ústav pro výkon zabezpečovací detence Opava
Krnovská 68 or P. O. BOX 115
746 49  OPAVA
Czech Republic

phone: +420 553 707 111
fax: +420 553 707 211


The Prison and Preventative Detention Facility Opava is located in the Moravian-Silesian Region. It is positioned in two separate objects, each with its own history. The first one, on Olomoucká Street, was originated as a part of the Justice Palace and started its operation in 1888, the second object, on Krnovská Street, also originated in the 19th century originally belonged to the Army.
In the former time this prison was accommodating male juveniles serving the terms of imprisonment. They were displaced in April 2009 in connection with the planned intention to establish the Preventative Detention Facility as a part of the prison. At the present time there are housed adult males in the category with supervision (medium security) and convicted females from all types of categories, including life-sentenced.
The total prison capacity is 439 places, 277 places for convicted females and 162 places for convicted males.
The “Krnovská” object was reconstructed in 2009, in particular the accommodation facilities and other premises with the aim of preparation of the capacity for inmates of the Preventative Detention Facility. The number of inmates in this facility should arise up to 150 in the future. Until this would be a subject of a matter, these premises will be used for execution of the sentence for males in the category with supervision.
The Prison Opava is also responsible for property administration in Vidnava, which should be developed into a new prison facility in the future.

Since 1999 there is a specialised unit in an operation, with capacity of 26 persons, for the purposes of the treatment for convicted females with drug and alcohol addiction and pathological gambling problems. This unit was extended in April 2004 to provide preventative treatment for convicted males with alcohol and pathological gambling problems, with capacity of 19 persons. In the prison there is also developed a specialized unit for convicted females with mental and behavioural disorders. There was also established a drug-free zone with capacity of 29 persons, accommodating convicted males in a supervised regime, in the premises on Krnovská Street at the end year 2005. In addition to the prison internal operations, where there is employed around 70 inmates, prisoners work within the manufacturing prison premises on the Krnovská Street and they also work externally, mainly at the unguarded workplaces. It includes work in the mechanical engineering, construction, agriculture etc. The average employment rate is around 64%. An interesting cooperation project was developed with Marianum Social Care Institute, where convicted females help patients with severe mental disorders. In the object on Olomoucká Street convicted females work in the prison laundry that provides laundry services for five surrounding prisons and also for private sector.
The adult convicts spent their spare time mostly in the woodworking studio as a part of treatment programmes. Their products are used as decorations in primary schools, schools and different institutions. Furthermore, male inmates are interested in sport activities. Treatment programmes for female inmates of all types of categories are organised in order to meet and correspond with their level of education, social aptitudes, work habits and skills and their life experience. They can also take part in educational programme and special educational practises, as well as in collective activities. A favourite activity is working in the pottery workshop, whose end-products can be seen as a decoration of prison’s common areas. Convicts assigned to a specialized unit for treatment of addiction has repeatedly rehearsed theatrical fairy tale play, which was performed for mentally disabled persons in the Institute of Social Care in Opava.

The Prison and Preventative Detention Facility Opava has in total 257 employees, of whom 158 are members of Prison Service and 99 are civilian employees.


The Aerial Photograph of the Prison Object on Olomoucka St
The Aerial Photograph of the Prison Object on Krnovska St
The Administration Building of the Prison
The „Olomoucka“ Object
The Prison Building and Yard on Krnovska St
The Acoustic Shielding on Inner Side of the Building in Olomoucka St
Cultural room