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Olomouc Remand Prison

Olomouc Remand Prison

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The remand prison is situated in the centre of the town Olomouc, located on the middle watercourse of the river Morava. The prison has been incorporated into the complex of neo-Renaissance buildings of the Justice Palace since 1902, when the palace was completed.

The Remand Prison Olomouc is primarily intended for detention of males, females and juveniles. Also there are established 2 units for males serving imprisonment with supervision. In addition to that, in 2004 it was also established a drug-free zone designed to prevent the inmates from contacts with narcotic and psychotropic substances, theirs precursors, and to ensure and provide drug-free regime for the whole term of imprisonment.

The prison’s total accommodation capacity is 276 places, of which 137 is for detention and 139 for imprisonment. The detainees are accommodated in 59 cells, mostly by two or maximum three persons. In August 2007 a detention unit with moderated regime has been established with a capacity of 4 persons per cell. In August 2009 there was established another unit with moderate regime with the capacity of 27 persons. The convicts are accommodated in 43 dormitories, each with a capacity of 3 to 6 beds.

The Remand Prison Olomouc applies a concept of treatment programmes with detainees. For that purpose, the activities of the treatment programmes have been divided into several fields, including preventatively formative, leisure, educational, and sports programmes. Currently the implementation of these programmes is provided by specialists, on average for 120 adult detainees and for 26 juvenile and young adult detainees. The main focus of the remand prison personnel is on juvenile detainees and therefore the programme activities are offered to them in the first place and the implementation is undertaken preferably. The prison cares for the completion of the compulsory school education of those juveniles, who have not completed it yet.

A specific aspect influencing the manner, in which imprisonment is served, is the fact that the convicts are either assigned to work, or are being prepared for work assignment.
Inmates may be employed by private business entities, or internally within the prison.

The activities of the treatment programmes take place during inmates´ free time after work. Within special educational activities, the inmates are offered pedagogical, psychological and social legal counselling, social psychological training, work therapy, and pastoral care. The education of convicts is implemented through broad and/or specifically designed educational training courses, encompassing an educational natural science oriented videos, drug awareness and anti-drug education, HIV/AIDS prevention etc.

The spectrum of social work is a very broad. The co-operation is being operatively developed with the relevant units and departments of Olomouc Municipal Office, job centres, the Probation and Mediation Service of the CR, the Czech Helsinki Committee, the Advisory Board for Nationality and Citizenship Issues, the NGO ‘Podané ruce’ Association, the Czech Red Cross, and a charity organisation called ‘Charita Olomouc’.

The Remand Prison Olomouc has a total of 322 employees, of whom 251 are members of Prison Service and Judicial Guards, and 71 are civilian employees. The most numerous group in the service or employment includes employees, who are employed within the PS up to 5 years. The most represented age group among them is a range from 26 to 30 years old. The remand prison employs in total of 60 persons with university degree.


Olomouc Remand Prison

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