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Odolov prison

Odolov prison

14.5.2012 11:59

Vězeňská služba ČR
Věznice Odolov
Odolov 41 or P.O.BOX 10
542 34 Malé Svatoňovice


Tel.: (+420) 499 867 111
Fax: (+420) 499 867 290
E-mail: 25podatelna at


The Prison Odolov is one of the newest prison facilities in the Czech Republic. It is located at the root of the Giant Mountains, not far from the town Trutnov, on the grounds of a former mine. The first convicts began their sentences here in 1993. The prison is established for males over the age of 19, who have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment in a controlled prison. The imprisonment is enforced in three differentiated groups. The current standardised accommodation capacity of the prison is 300, with each inmate having 4m2 of living space. Convicts are accommodated in dormitories containing an average of 4,5 beds, with the largest containing 11 beds. There are not available dormitories for one or more prisoners.

Treatment Programmes
The employment rate amongst those prisoners capable of work is 60 %. In view of the state of health and nature of the offences of most prisoners, the demand for work is, however, higher than can be fully satisfied. The overwhelming majority of prisoners, who are on the free movement regime, are employed at external workplaces, where they can freely move without direct supervision. In cooperation with business entities, it is possible to provide work all year round instead of seasonal jobs - inmates work in closed areas, where they do casual manufacturing work. The prison does not have its own manufacturing production centre, on the premises convicts work in a sawmill, carpentry shop or produce rubber products.
Convicts have the possibility to complete or improve their education with the help of the training centre Lesma s.r.o., which also provides the edition of certificates about the graduation of educational courses. The educational programmes also include courses of foreign languages.
A relatively large number of convicts are engaged in special educational activities, which they especially visit after their working hours. These activities include various forms of relaxation, individual psychotherapy, socio-legal counselling, seminars on drug addiction, individual consultations about drugs, consultations with chaplains, talks about life, chat club, natural scientific, geographical, historical, creative, wood-working and musical group, gardening and many others. Convicts are highly interested in computers, but most of them are engaged in sport activities. The activities of some special clubs are very useful and help maintain not only a positive image of the Prison Odolov, but as well of the whole prison system. For example the members of the woodworking group regularly give wooden toys and special wooden tools to handicapped children, nursery schools, social institutions and hospitals in the close area but also supplying to the distant area. Members from dramatic group are repeatedly visiting nursery schools and rest homes with their repertoire. Players of the football club Draci Odolov or players of netball regularly take part in tournaments in close surroundings.


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