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Kynšperk prison

Kynšperk prison

12.1.2011 7:48

All the premises of the Kynšperk nad Ohří Prison are located in the area of the villages of Libavské Údolí and Zlatá. If driving a car, you can find the prison about halfway between the towns of Sokolov and Cheb. The prison’s history dates back to 30 July 1995, when the area of a former military base was transferred free of charge to the Prison Service of the Czech Republic.

In January 1996, the first guard-house, a prison administration building, a health centre, a catering block, and one of the accommodation units were finished and opened and first 20 inmates were escorted to the prison from other prisons.

Until 1999, the prison (then called Kynšperk – Kolová) was a part of the Horní Slavkov Prison. Based on the 1999 Decree of the Czech Minister of Justice, the Kynšperk nad Ohří Prison became an autonomous medium security penal institution with the capacity of 235 places for male prisoners.

During the year 1997, one of the buildings was partially reconstructed to serve as a workshop for prisoners, with the kapacity of 80 working posts. The prison started its economic activity when 60 prisoners were employed. The prisoners´ employment was gradually increasing with finishing of each structural adaptation of further working areas.

Nowadays, the prisoners are assigned to work within the prison overhead operations and in the prison’s economic activity centre, where they work for firms. They make prefab items and wood fuel pellets. They are employed also in workplaces outside the prison where they help with spoil bank reclamation or with the work in the wood. They also do some auxiliary building works and participate in house service and maintenance. They also do some unpaid auxiliary and maintenance work for the prison.

Educational activities are supplied by cooperating subjects but in large extend own resources are used, e.g. inmates speaking foreign languages give lessons to the other prisoners. According to the law spiritual care is available to the inmates, too.

Currently about 800 convicts are serving their sentence in the prison and the employment rates about 56%.

The prison is profiled as a medium security facility with 146 uniformed and 111 civilian staff members. In their free time the staff can use a modern body-building room and a gymnazium. The prison union offers cultural, social and sport activities covered by the cultural fund. The prison has been cooperating with a Bavarian prison Hof and Bayreuth since 2002 not only in the penitentiary field, but also in the social and cultural fields.

Vězeňská služba ČR
Věznice Kynšperk nad Ohří
Zlatá čp. 52
357 51 Kynšperk nad Ohří
Phone: (+420) 352 306 111


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accommodation for convicts
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