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Kuřim prison

Kuřim prison

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The prison is situated at the edge of the industrial zone in Kuřim Town, which lies 10 kilometres north from Brno, in the South Moravia Region. Its origins go back to years 1956-57, when it functioned as a branch of the Remand Prison Brno. Its current form of the complex is from 1981, and it is designed for convicted men over 18 years of age with guarded prison regime (high security).

There is also a supervised unit and a specialised guarded unit for inmates with protective sexual treatment. This specialised unit for sexual offenders was opened in 1997, and as a part of the treatment is a close cooperation with external medical specialists. This unit is designed for convicts, who were sentenced to imprisonment by the respective court, with institutional sexual treatment. The recidivism rate is only 2.9% amongst such persons.
The total accommodation capacity of the prison is 484 places. The prisoners are accommodated in prison dormitories with an average capacity of 10 beds each. There are also rooms for 4 or 18 inmates. The ordinary organization and management of the prison and its adherence to legal norms is ensured by the staff of 252 persons, of whom 145 are members of the Prison Service and 107 are civilian employees. The prison has created conditions for employing the inmates within its own operational facilities, or by entities from private sector. The acquiring and maintaining of work habits is also encouraged through the offer of unpaid voluntary work, auxiliary work for the needs of the prison, and in handicraft workshops. Special educational activities are arranged both for individuals and groups and are managed by specialists from the prison personnel. These activities include socio-psychological training, art therapy, psychotherapy and therapeutic activities under the guidance by the drug prevention advice centre. The treatment of convicts also includes leisure activities, such as computer, geography, cynology groups and clubs, etc. More than 5000 publications are available in the prison library.
The prison cooperates with the non-governmental organization “Podané ruce”, which provides services in treating drug addicts. For the purpose of deepening the professional skills, the prison employees attend specialised courses and undertake working visits abroad (e.g. to Germany, Slovakia, Poland). They can devote their free time to sport activities; attend cultural events and participate in touristic and hiking excursions in the Czech Republic and in other European countries. The prison also has its own recreation centre in Radiměř in the East Bohemia Region.


Foto´s of Prison Kuřim

Kuřim letecky – Aerial view of Kuřim
Věznice v zimě – Prison in winter
Vycházkový dvůr – Walking-yard
Hala – Hall
Oplocení pozemku věznice – Prison Fence
Cela - Cell