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Prison Horní Slavkov

Prison Horní Slavkov

15.6.2016 13:35

Horní Slavkov Prison is profiled as a prison for adult men guilty of serious criminal offences and recidivists sentenced to serve up to 15 years in a secure unit. Its standardised accommodation capacity is 762. The prison includes a secure unit with a capacity of 678 and a unit with enhanced technical and structural security with a capacity of 36 beds. The average number of beds in a room is 10, with a maximum of 14. There are 18 two-bedded rooms, and no single rooms.

The number of employees in Horní Slavkov Prison is projected to be 314,5, 119,5 of whom are to be civilian employees and 195 members of the Prison Service.

There are four forms of employment available to inmates: with external business entities, in the workshop of the prisons economic activity centre, where they assemble pipe holders and eaves hooks, make up sets of advertising and publicity materials and carry out other uncomplicated tasks not requiring any specialised skills, and internally in the prison, where they are assigned to individual workplaces and contribute to the smooth running of the prison, and on educational courses. In total, around 53,1% of inmates fit for work are involved in the work process.

The guiding principle of the prisoner treatment programs is to lead them to an awareness of their personal and social responsibilities, with special regard to the inviolability of other peoples property, the encouraging of their self-confidence and self-respect, the development of positive personality traits and to prevent their deterioration. Leisure activities are aimed towards prisoners self-fulfilment and the development of their interests, manual skills and physical dexterity. The education of inmates proceeds at five basic levels: long-term and short-term education, courses, special approaches and methods and extramural programs.

Horní Slavkov Prison co-operates with the Fund for Cultural and Social Needs to organise various cultural and sporting activities for its employees, as well as excursions within the Czech Republic and abroad, book tickets for the theatre, musicals and film showings, gain access to the swimming-pool, etc. Employees also have a sauna at their disposal for the regeneration of their mental and physical strength.



Vězeňská služba ČR

Věznice Horní Slavkov

Hasičská 785

357 31 Horní Slavkov

Phone: (+420) 352 660 111

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