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Břeclav Prison is one of the prisons located in the South Moravia Region. It has existed as a self-contained prison since 1stJanuary 1997 and is designed exclusively for male prisoners. Until 31 December 2005, it served as a remand prison for the Břeclav, Hodonín, Uherské Hradiště and Zlín districts. The imprisonment section served to confi ne convicts sentenced to serve their sentences in a controlled unit. Due to prison reprofi ling, the remand prison became, as of 1 January 2006,a prison with supervised and guarded-zone units for convicted male prisoners. The total capacity is 194, of which 27 places are designed for detainees just from the Břeclav and Hodonín District. The detention takes the form of the so-called fi xed arrangement. This means that the detainees may only leave their cells in case of acts connected with their own penal proceedings, visits to the doctor, exercise, receiving visitors in the visiting room, and for the activities associated with the treatment programme. They are permitted to use their own television and radio sets, and to shop in the prison store once a week. As part of a special education programme, they are allowed to participate in music and work therapy activities, as well as in graphic art clubs. The imprisonment section is designed for the convicted persons who have been sentenced to serve their terms in a supervised unit, the other section is designed for convicts placed into the guarded-zone prison. As parts of both sections, there are specialized units for prisoners who are permanently unable or not allowed to work. Prisoners are employed by fi rms in the town of Břeclav and in the surroundings thereof. Some work within the prison as cooks, maintenance men, boiler-room servicemen, cleaners and warehousemen. The treatment programmes, which include a range of working, educational, therapeutic and leisure activities, offer prisoners a chance to pass their free time purposefully and actively as members of various clubs. The education of prisoners is organised by a special pedagogue. Some prisoners are engaged in the study of foreign languages. The body-building and computer clubs have proved the most popular amongst the inmates. Břeclav Prison has 126 employees, of whom 80 are members of the Prison Service, the rest being civilian employees. Their cultural and social development is tended to by the committee of the Fund of Cultural and Social Needs. That provides a wide spectrum of cultural and sporting activities. Employees are also assigned to various specialisation courses and training as part of the life-long education.


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Prison Břeclav
Prison Břeclav - inside