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Prison Bělušice

Prison Bělušice

23.5.2012 12:17

Vězeňská služba ČR - Prison Service of the Czech Republic
Věznice Bělušice - Bělušice Prison
Bělušice 66
435 26 Bečov u Mostu
Czech Republic

Phone: (+420) 476 143 111
E-mail: 18podatelna(at)

The prison is located in the land registry area of the village of Bělušice typical with its dominant, the Bělouš Hill, in the Ústí nad Labem Region, 13 km from the statutory town of Most. It was established in 1958 as a branch of the then prison in Libkovice. Originally built out of prefabricated wooden buildings, the site was gradually expanded to include brick structures. It became a separate institution in the year 1962. At first, prisoners had been employed in agriculture, and later, in the 1980s, they worked in building, engineering and other sectors. In the 1990s, the prison went through a series of changes in personnel and investment. Bělušice Prison is profiled as a secured men’s prison for those serving asentence of up to 15 years. It has a capacity of 581, which has been slightly exceeded in recent years. Prisoners, of whom there are around 710, are accommodated in dormitories, each containing an average of 6 beds. The prison has managed to find employment for more than 140 inmates, of whom two thirds are employed by private companies, and one third internally. Inmates may be also assigned, as and when they are needed by private entities, with seasonal agricultural work. Bělušice Prison has over 234 employees, more than 150 of whom are prison guards. The rest are civilian employees. Around 90 activities are included in the Prisoners’ Treatment Programme. Working activities include, for example, woodcarving and gardening groups, while educational activities include courses in foreign languages, mathematics, geography and history. Inmates are also educated in tolerance and antiracist attitudes. They are also instructed in the basics of the Highway Code. Special educational activities include relaxation, art therapy, social training and working with drug addicts. Leisure activities further include sport, aquarist and vivarian groups. General knowledge and sporting competitions are very popular. The prison is regularly visited by representatives of various churches and the Salvation Army. Special provision is made for the wellbeing of Prison Service employees at Bělušice Prison through the Fund for Cultural and Social Needs, which helps organise events such as cultural, sporting and social activities. The prison contributes towards holidays abroad, themed sightseeing excursions and events for employees’ children.

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