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Vězeňská služba ČR
Vazební věznice Teplice
Daliborova stezka 2233
P.O.BOX 53
415 01 Teplice
Czech Republic

Telephone: (+420) 417 593 111
Fax: (+420) 417 593 215
Email: e-podatelna at

Teplice Remand Prison
The Remand Prison Teplice is located in the foothills of Ore Mountains, in the centre of the Statutory Town Teplice. The prison started its operation on 1st January 2001. The prison building is adjoining the Teplice District Court building. The prison accommodation capacity is 167 places in total, of which 89 places are designed for custody and 78 places for imprisonment. The operation of the remand prison and two units of the Judicial Guard is in the task of 136 employees of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic, i.e. 97 professionals (of whom 15 are members of the Judicial Guard) and 39 civilian employees.

All remand prisoners are given a choice of formative (mainly educational, preventative, leisure and sport) activities, which are led by the prisons specialists. The prison also receives visits from the representatives of religious organisations. Convicted prisoners are assigned to workplaces, where they help in the day-to-day operations of the prison. Convicted prisoners who are not suitable to work are only placed in the remand prison on a transitory basis.

The organisational structure of the remand prison is composed of departments of prison and judicial guard, who ensure the continuous enforcement of custody or imprisonment, provide escorts of imprisoned persons and ensure order and safety within court buildings or offices of the State Attorney, as well as the unit for custody and imprisonment, which ensures the exercises of rights and duties of accused persons, offers all detainees a treatment programme, and, together with the department of prison and judicial security, oversees the acceptance for imprisonment of convicts handed over to them by bodies of the Czech Police and administrative departments. Accused persons are employed only exceptionally during their period in custody; as long as they fulfil the requisite criteria and show interest in work, they are employed as assistants to wardens for technical activities in the unit. The Remand Prison Teplice has around 24 places available for prisoners assigned to a workplace assisting in the day-to-day operations of this penitentiary facility. Another 15 places available for prisoners assigned to a free workplace out of the remand prison. In July 2012, a new unit for 12 female inmates with health state which does not allow them to work was opened in the remand prison.

The prison management organises events that can be divided mainly into sport, cultural and recreational groups as a part of its employee care. These activities are partially financed by the Cultural and Social Fund. Cultural activities particularly consist of visits to the cinema or theatre; sport events are oriented towards active or passive participation in a different sport activities.

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Daliborova stezka street, the remand prison in center
Look up from prisonwalk place
Guard tower
The remand prison from other side