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11.11.2010 12:27

The beginning of the history of the place and object where the present remand prison is located goes back to the early period of the 19th century. At that time a sugar house was built up there. It worked until 1921. Up to the present, just a water tower has survived, which has become the remund prison’s dominant. In 1935, the Land Penitentiary, which was a public institution, was transferred from Hradčany to the place of the former sugar house which was abolished. The main contents of the terms served by „convicts“ and prisoners there was work at a farm and in workshops. After the Second World War, a unit was established in the penitentiary, which served as a detention camp. In 1949, the Land Penitentiary was taken over by the State Security, which transformed it in the fi fties into a prison for mostly remand purposes, where hearings and investigation of political prisoners took place. The prison had its own very strict regimen that lasted up to the sixties. Even noted persons were imprisoned therein. Till the present day, former political prisoners meet there and recollect the diffi cult times of their lives which they were forced to spend therein. Remand Prison Praha - Ruzyně is one of the largest and at the same time one of the oldest prisons in the Czech Republic. It is located near Ruzyně Airport and has been designed mainly for remand of male, female, and juvenile detainees from Pratur and from the Central Bohemia Region. The accommodation kapacity of the remand prison is 510 persons. The remand unit cares for the due conditions of the stay of imprisoned persóna and, at the same time, for the observance of their basic human rights and for the co-operation with the authorities of criminal procedure. Also, the remand unit arranges educational, speciál - interest, and sporting activities for detainees; enhanced attention is given to juvenile detainees. Important is also assistance to drug addicts through the „Anti-Drug Advice Bureau“. Sanitary, psychological, social, legal, and religious care is being provided.
Within the remand prison, a unit for imprisonment of males under supervision has been established. It has a capacity for 219 persons. The imprisonment unit has a remarkably high employment rate of male convicts. A part thereof is employed in the internal operation of the prison, and a part of males complying with the conditions of free movement out of the prison works in the framework of external co-operation for state as well as non-state companies. Within treatment programmes, the prisoners can develop free-time activities such as, for example, work with PC, gardening, foreign language study, social-legal and psychological counselling, etc. Remarkable is the co-operation with the kindergarten in Praha 8 – Čimice, where the convicts carry out, regularly and voluntarily, maintenance work in their free time. Within the educational programme for convicts, signifi cant support is given to extramural studies of convicts at secondary and university-level schools, which invites great interest amongst inmates. A branch of Remand Prison Praha - Ruzyně is the imprisonment unit for female convicts under control and supervision at Řepy. The accommodation capacity is 56 places. The imprisonment unit is located in the House of St. Charles Borromeo (Domov sv. Karla Boromejského). It came to life upon the initiative of the Congregation of Sisters of the Order of St. Charles Borromeo, who followed the tradition from the 19th century when the House hosted a penitentiary for female convicts. Thus, there is a cloister, a bed section for long-time patients, and a unit for female prisoners at a single place. Female convicts have a wide choice of work inside and outside the prison, from cleaning up to the care for patients in the bed section of the cloister. Such care can be effectuated by female convicts who passed the so-called „Sanitary Course of St. Zdislava“, which is unique in the whole Europe. The form of treating female convicts through the care for powerless patients is very humane and helps women seek jobs in an easier way after returning to society. In general, the running of the remand prison is ensured by 513 civilian employees and Prison Service members, who can make use of the offer of educational courses organised by the Prison Service of the Czech Republic. At the same time, the prison supports the employees´ interest in higher education through studies at secondary and university-level schools. The prison also offers wide choices of sporting and cultural activities.

Water-tower building in remand prison
Fresh-air area
Hall on wing (cell department)
Cell for dangerous prisoners
House of St.Charles Borromeo-womens department of imprisonment
Christian chapel - inside remand prison
View to the cell
View on the building of remand prison
Accessories in cell
Accessories in cell
Main entrance to the remand prison
Visiting romm
Air photo
Muslim chapel
Control room