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Remand Prison Ostrava

Remand Prison Ostrava

21.6.2016 9:48

The Prison Service of the Czech Republic
Remand Prison Ostrava
Havlíčkovo nábřeží 34a
701 28 Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz

Contact Phone Number: + 420 595139111
Fax: + 420 596 120 259

The Remand Prison Ostrava is located in the very centre of the North Moravian metropolis. The origins go back to 1926 - 1929, when there was built a Justice Palace of the Regional Court in the Moravská Ostrava, including the penitentiary facility. This object gradually incorporated older buildings, which were built in previous centuries, until it attained its present form.

The Remand Prison provides custody for men and women, it secures long distance escorts and cooperates in deporting of foreign citizens. There are also placed convicts serving a sentence with supervision (medium security), and exceptionally with high security, who are employed within the internal operations of the Remand Prison or who can not, for reasons of capacity, be placed in the appropriate prison category regime.

The Remand Prison has capacity of 589 places, of which for detention is determined 308 places and 281 places are being intended for the execution of imprisonment. Every convicted and accused person placed into the Remand Prison Ostrava selects, under specialist guidance, treatment programme, whose fulfilment is an important factor in achieving the purpose of imprisonment or detention. It encompasses special activities. Prisoners have access to a library and they have the option to choose a job from the several hobby groups.

The Remand Prison Ostrava employs convicts within its internal operations. Convicts work in five areas, which ensure the internal operations of the Remand Prison. The department of execution of detention and imprisonment organizes in collaboration with the department of logistics training courses for selected prisoners, who are in charge of internal various workplaces. Other forms of vocational and language courses are undertaken only if appropriate number of prisoners raises their interest in them. Convicts can also attend a re-qualification course in male hairdressing. The gained certificate can be applied by inmates in their civilian life, after their release from prison.

The Remand Prison has 438 employees. In collaboration with a Cultural and Social Fund the Remand Prison provides for their employees and their family members holidays in the recreational centres of PS CR, domestic and foreign tours, hiking trips, co-organizes children's recreation and organizes sports activities for the staff, including their participation in the external competitions and tournaments.


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