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4.1.2011 7:00

Remand Prison is located near the historical center of the city of Liberec, along with the modern Palace of Justice and state attorneys are providing a base for a complex of everything connected with the administration of justice.

Remand Prison was built according to plan, the Supreme Council building Johann Kaur in Tuscan style in 1877. In the past, it served only detention center for the purpose of detention. Today's remand prison detention facility serving both the custody and a prison sentence. In connection with this change, the need to create more accommodation. Remand Prison has been recently renovated at the end of which stands a historical building with modern interior furnishings, fully relevant today, high demands. Currently the accommodation capacity of 374 places of detention and imprisonment.

The operation of the prison provide individual departments (economics, dep. Logistics, personnel, etc.). The provision of internal and external security is involved mainly separation of judicial and prison guards, which also provides escorts of all kinds. In recent years there has been a stabilization of the escort to the courts, as well as in medical devices. Larger fluctuations does not review the number of transported prisoners in connection with interregional escorts. Due to the location of the prison, which is located near the center of the city of Liberec is the issue of security of one of the key. The system of advanced safety features ensure maximum safety both inside and outside the prison facility. Mechanical barriers in combination with an electronic monitoring system and, X-ray detection equipment frames and minimize security risks.

Share of security within the prison is also the department of detention and punishment are also involved in organizing activities and convicts. With regard to the effectiveness of the amendment on remand is substantially increased demands on professional staff must be prepared to offer each of the accused in preventative one - education, educational, sporting, leisure, cultural and clerical programs. Remand Prison is a proud team, which includes special educators, psychologists, social workers, educators, teachers and superintendent of free time, which the accused are preparing various group activities. These activities are two gyms, fitness, culture room, Modellers and pottery, as well as a chapel. Particular attention is paid to adolescents who have completed elementary education or special. Under the leadership of special education teachers and youth educators to improve writing in their mother tongue, mathematics, but also in other basic skills necessary in life.

Activities contributing to the reduction of internal stress of the accused and no doubt positively influence the incidence of aggressive manifestations. The aim of the accused is meaningful activities to fill their time and contribute at least partly to reduce the pathological phenomena in custody.

Remand Prison Liberec

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