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Hradec Králové remand prison

Hradec Králové remand prison

2.3.2011 14:01

 The remand prison is located in the centre of Hradec Králové.It is connected to the regional court and they together form a fi ve-cornered structure which lies at the edge of Hradec Králové’s monuments reserve of the historic town centre. The building, which houses both the prison and the regional court, was erected in the year 1933, and has been serving as a remand prison ever since. Hradec Králové Remand Prison carries out detention mostly through the socalled classic type of fi xed detention, using closed ells. There is also a unit with an easier regimen, equipped with a TV set, provisional fi tness room and other sports facilities. The detainees, especially juveniles and young adults, find it easier to overcome the negative side-effects of social isolation and feelings of frustration there. In 2005, a multi-purpose sports fi eld for use by prisoners was built up on the premises of the prison. A part of the remand prison is the area of the Autonomous Prison Unit in the land registry area of the village of Pouchov, which was built in 1976 with the intention of employing inmates from categories subject to an easier correctional regimen, functioning today in the category of a supervised unit. It is located within the community of Pouchov, located in Hradec Králové’s industrial zone. The building today retains the form it had when fi rst built, the only addition being the structure used for prison service dogs and the handlers thereof. In accordance with the profi le character of the remand prison, some inmates are employed internally, while others are employed by private entities, working at external workplaces outside the remand prison. Under the treatment programmes for prisoners, inmates have a choice of sporting and educational activities. Considerable attention is given to prisoners’ leisure interests, as well as to the way they fi ll their free time. They have a chance to take part in discussions with a social worker or other professionals, either from the Prison Service or from civilian life. Since recently, assistance provided by social curators has been very frequently called upon. The remand prison has developed very good contacts with various non-governmental organisations. Hradec Králové Remand Prison has the total of 339 employees, of whom 258 are members of the Prison Service and of the Judicial Guard, the rest being civilian employees. All of them endeavour to provide high-quality social care for 153 detainees and 244 inmates sentenced.



Illustration photos of the Hradec Králové remand prison

Aerial picture of the remand prison and the county court 

The greenhouse designed for working activities of convicted  

The area of a separate inprisonment dpt. with supervision in Pouchov 

Cells in prison