Pastoral Care

The Prison Pastoral Care

The Prison Pastoral Care

25.8.2010 14:55

The Pastoral Care performed in prisons and remand prisons is provided in compliance with legal regulations. It is provided by professional pastors – prison chaplains and volunteering pastors. The Pastoral Care within our penitentiary system is always ecumenical and all churches that are registered in the Czech Republic with the right to serve in prisons may take part. Please find the basic information about the Prison Pastoral Care below.


The Ecumenical Prison Chaplaincy

The Ecumenical Prison Chaplaincy is a group of prison chaplains, who were authorized by their church and whose service was permitted by the executive board of the Prison Spiritual Care (PSC). The chaplains are employees of the Prison Service and members of PSC and they belong into 10 different churches. Currently, there are 34 prison chaplains, who work in 23 prisons and remand prisons. In terms of management and organization, the chaplains report to the Prison Governor. In terms of methodology, they report to the Head Chaplain of the Prison Service and her assistants. Besides the organization and execution of the spiritual care in the local terms and conditions they also take part in the creation and application of educational programmes that lead to a change of clients´ values. Chaplains also serve to their colleagues and at the same time they are advising Prison Governors of their respective prisons about matters in current religious life.


Mgr. Květoslava Jakubalová – Head Chaplain of the PS CR (the General Directorate and Prison Rýnovice)
Mgr. Bc. Martin Škoda – Deputy Chaplain, chaplain of the Prison Stráž pod Ralskem
Mgr. Bohdan Pivoňka – Prison Pastoral Care Advisor -  Coordinator (the General Directorate)

Prison Spiritual Care, o.s. (PSC), NGO

The Prison Spiritual Care (PSC) is a nongovernmental organization registered as a civil association by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It associates pastors and members of groups and parishes of registered churches, who want to volunteer as providers of spiritual and pastoral activities in our prisons and are authorized to do so by their churches. It is required to be a member of this organization for at least a year before it is possible to become a prison chaplain.

An Agreement on Pastoral Care (Regulation of Director General No. 41/2008) made on 19th August 2008 between the representatives of the “Czech Bishop Conference”, “Ecumenical Board of Churches in the Czech Republic” and the Prison Service of the CR states the following: Prison Spiritual Care is an extra-denominational association of persons authorized by churches to provide a spiritual care in prisons and institutes of the Czech Republic. It operates on grounds of a cooperation and mutual respect of individual churches and cooperates with prison personnel at all levels of management, particularly with chaplains, in order to create suitable conditions for spiritual and pastoral activities (Art. 4 sections 1 and 2).


Renata Balcarová - Chairman
RNDr. Mgr. Miloš František Převrátil - Deputy Chairman
Mgr. Bc. Martin Škoda - Secretary