PDP 6 Příbram


27.3.2015 11:12

Register number of the project: NF-CZ15-PDP-6-006-01-2014
13 959 008 CZK (financing: 20 % state budget, 80% Norwegian funds)
Project Implementer: Prison Service CR
Realization of the project: 1st September 2014 – 30th April 2016

23rd September 2014 Ministry of Finance – Program Intermediary CZ15 - ,,Capacity building and cooperation in justice/Correctional services including alternative sanctions‘‘ approved a grant for the beforehand defined project of PS CR ,,Building of production-educational hall for retraining courses for pre-released prisoners in the prison Příbram‘‘. The project includes preparation of spatial and re-educational conditions (rooms and establishment) with the aim of quality and quantity improvement effecting prisoners, meeting European and international regulations in the area of human rights, especially in the field of their professional preparation, by retraining courses (convicts´ professional specialized preparation) which should support and help their independent post-release life in compliance with law.